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International L-Number-Days 2019 in Hanover!

Herewith we would like to invite you to the 6th International L-number days, that will take place from 11th to 13th October 2019 again at Hanover.

About 30 years of L-Numbers

In winter 1988/1989 the first L-numbers were introduced in the German aquarium magazine DATZ and have prepared the triumphal march of this fish group in our hobby. Since this time more than 500 loricariids with an L-code have been presented in this magazine and an end is not yet in sight. Unfortunately, the import situation of the L-plecos has worsened in the last years unfortunately still more by different reasons. However, even today new species are constantly being discovered. So, the sequential numbering runs always further, nowadays only somewhat more slowly.

From Brazil, the country with by far the greatest diversity of loricariids, today due to the dwindling number of exporters, problems with the flight connections, the stronger bureaucracy and above all the positive list less imports and hardly new imports take place today. From Peru, however, where these problems obviously do not exist, there are hardly any surprises to report. Only the Colombian exporters are enjoying us every year with interesting stock lists and one or the other new species is always there.

Since many L-plecos imported in earlier years are today hardly imported any more or not at all, it is today more important than ever that the international aquarium community connects to a network, in order to communicate as well as exchange brood stock and offspring of these fishes. The L-number days are the ideal opportunity for this, because we all want to keep this great variety of species in our aquariums for as long as possible. To force this, we present this year again an Online Pleco Exchange.

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until the 6tht International L-Number-Days

What is the main topic this year?

After the genera Hypancistrus, Panaqolus and Pseudacanthicus had come to the fore in recent years and we had also taken a critical look at the dam construction on the Rio Xingu, the species-richest genus of the L-plecos has so far been somewhat neglected. This year we want to change this and focus on the genus Ancistrus. So, there will be several interesting talks about this catfish genus. Furthermore, also other loricariids from the Amazon and Orinoco area will be presented. Of course, we have tried to find a diversified mixture again and so both well-known ichthyologists and successful breeders of loricariid catfishes will give their knowledge and experience to the best of their ability. We hope that you will enjoy our program again.

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The course remains almost unchanged

Since the last L-number days went without a hitch and we also received positive feedback from you, we didn’t want to make any big changes in this respect. We can again rely on a team of helpers who support us with the distribution of the conference articles, the sale of the merchandising articles, the technology and the translations. There will again be a mixture of languages, between which the English language will presumably be the primary mediator again. We will continue with the proven concept of simultaneously translating all lectures into German or English, depending on the source language, so that almost everyone will be able to follow them. This year we expect L-pleco friends from different continents and participants from North and South America, Asia and many European countries.

The last L-catfish-days took place at Hotel Hennies in Isernhagen near Hanover and everybody liked it very much, so that we would like to meet there again this year. We are happy that we could find an arrangement with the hotel, where we could keep the prices constant. So everything is prepared for October.

The basic structure of the lectures has already been established with well-known speakers, who promise a really interesting and varied program again. The exact schedule will be published as soon as all details have been clarified.

We hope that the 6th International L-number days will again be similarly interesting and successful and would be very happy to welcome you!