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Catfish Exchange

Here you will find the catfish offers and requests of the participants of the 6th International L-Number Days. To contact them simply click on the name in the contact column. You will then be redirected to a page with a contact form. There are already some data pre-entered. You can also add further information and comments. If you are logged in, then your sender data are already registered, you cannot change these also. If the name is not clickable, then the participant has not agreed to the transmission of his data. In this case you can contact the organisation team and ask them to contact you.

Species Amount Price Remark Contact
Leporacanthicus heterodon (L 172b) 2   Search 2 females, have
7 adult males
Karlo Dickel-Zernik
Ancistomus cf. sabaji (L 075) 1   Hello, search in
females for my
existing group. I
would be happy about
positive news.
Greeting marian
Marian Thiel
Panaqolus sp. (L 397) 5   Males and Females Massimo Viganò
Ancistrus sp. (L 338) 2   Looking for 1 or 2
females. Juveniles
also accepted.
Jacqueline Heijmen
Pseudacanthicus pirarara (L 25) 2   Looking for very young
L25, preferably Sao
Konstantinos Giannopoulos
L-Welse, Corydoras sp. 6   Servus together,
looking for plecos and
Corydoras from
Suriname and French
Guyana. Please offer
everything. Thank you
Simon Huber
Ancistrus sp. (L 370) 10   Looking for 2 males
and 4 females or 10 to
15 juveniles.
Barry Velzel
Ancistrus sp. (L 393) 10   Looking for 3 males
and 6 females or 15
Barry Velzel
Panaqolus sp. claustellifer (L 306) 10   Looking voor 10
Barry Velzel
Ancistrus sp. "Snow White" (L 144) 10   Hello I search for 10
to 15 L144 Snow White
Barry Velzel
Hypancistrus sp. 10 (L 136c) 10   Wish to buy fry from L
Espen Sandlie
Hypancistrus zebra (L 46) 10   min. 4 cm Karsten Zander
Micracanthicus vandragti (L 280) 10   min. 3 cm. Karsten Zander
Ancistrus sp. "black" 2   Thomas Heinz
Hypancistrus contradens (L 201) 12   ca. 3-5cm Michael Brandenberg
Pekoltia sp. (L 502) 2   Male and female Timo Schellenberg
Ancistrus sp. (L 159) 2   Looking for 2 males
for my 5 females
Michael Seidlitz
Chaetostoma sp. (L 455) 6   I'm searching for this
species of
Chaetostoma. Also
Chaetostoma aff.
lineopunctatum (L276),
Chaetostoma spondylus
and Chaetostoma sp.
(L457) are well
Lorenzo Nitoglia
Ancistrus sp. 10   looking for: L 138:
1,3 L 309: 2,2 L
352: 2,2
😉 Honeycomb: 0,3 L
159: 0,2 Other pretty
Ancistrus e.g. L 255.
Please do not offer
Long fins or other
breeding forms 😉
Kai Alexander Quante
Diverse sp. 20   looking for: 2,2
Xiphophorus variatus
„La Laguna“ 2,2
Priapella compressa or
olmecae 2,4 Corydoras
benatti C22 3,3
Kai Alexander Quante
Hypancistrus sp. (L 102) 1   I am looking for 1
adult male of L-102 -
I am afraid that I
only have females.
Lau Christophersen
Species Amount Price Remark Contact
Hypancistrus sp. (L 471) 15 15 3,5cm F1 Sebastian Fernau
Ancistrus claro 10 10 Jacqueline Heijmen
Ancistrus sp. "Wabenmuster" 20 10 Jacqueline Heijmen
Ancistrus sp. (L 486) 4 50 Adults, 2 males and 2
Jacqueline Heijmen
Parancistrus aurantiacus 10 25 F1 Chubby Pleco Jacqueline Heijmen
Parancistrus aurantiacus 10 35 F1 juveniles about
4cm, Chubby pleco
Jacqueline Heijmen
Ancistrus sp. (L 107) 7 15 4 cm no sex
Massimo Viganò
Ancistrus aguaboensis (L 32) 10 12 5-7cm Karl Schwamm
Leporacanthicus joselimai (L 264) 15 15 3,5cm Karl Schwamm
Hyphessobrycon wadai 80 4 From 15 pcs.: 3€ per
Karl Schwamm
Pseudacanthicus sp. "Rio Xingu" (L185) 2 250 male (26 cm / 10.5 in)
& female (24 cm / 9.5
Fabian Deuschle
Leporacanthicus sp. (L 473) 30 45 5-6 cm, F1, our
spawn. Please get in
touch prior to the
convention as only
fish booked before
hand will be brought
to the convention
Konstantinos Giannopoulos
Hypancistrus sp. (L 501) 2 30 2 females 13 - 14 cm Fabian Deuschle
Hypancistrus sp. (L 270 Albino) 25 55 purebred L 270
albino 3,5cm - aprox.
Sebastian Fernau
Hypancistrus sp. (L 173) 30 75 L 173 Will line 3,5cm Sebastian Fernau
Hypancistrus sp. (L 236) 12 250 Superwhite, RB line,
Parents are from
Ernst S., 3,5cm
Sebastian Fernau
Ancistrus sp. "Rio Tapajós" (L 213) 10 7.50 Fine spotted Tapajós
Ancistrus, 3-4 cm
Ingo Seidel
Pseudacanthicus leopardus 10 25.00 offspring of real
leopardus, 5-7
cm juveniles quite
aggressive, so most of
the specimens have
fringed fins!
Ingo Seidel
Corydoras coppenamensis 10 7.50 Ingo Seidel
Corydoras sp. (CW 049) 10 10.00 Ingo Seidel
Corydoras sp. (C 150) 10 7.50 Mazaruni Corydoras,
Ingo Seidel
Hypancistrus sp. "Porto do Moz" (L 333) 15 10.00 Yellow King Tiger,
very nice black and
white brood
stock! 4-5 cm, 6
specimens for 50.00
Ingo Seidel
Ancistrus sp. "Río Paraguay" 20 6.00 Red-brown spotted
Ancistrus. 3-4 cm, 6
specimens for 30.00
Ingo Seidel
Hypancistrus sp. "Santarém" (L 450) 20 10.00 Santarém
Hypancistrus, 4-5
cm. 6 specimens for
50 Euros!
Ingo Seidel
Peckoltia sp. (L 038) 20 15.00 Dwarf Peckoltia! My
adults have a size of
6-7 cm! 5 Specimens
for 60 Euros
Ingo Seidel
Hypancistrus sp. "Uatumá" (L 500) 25 10.00 Uatumá Hypancistrus,
4-5 cm 6 specimens
for 50 Euros!
Ingo Seidel
Hypancistrus sp. contradens 50 12 3-5 cm F1 Eivind Hvideberg
Ancistrus sp. (L 107) 10 20 4-5 cm Eivind Hvideberg
Ancistrus sp. (L107) 10 20 4-5 cm Eivind Hvideberg
Dekeyseria picta (L 168) 20 15 5-7 cm, aka
Karsten Zander
Hypancistrus sp. (L 399) 3 30 Price fro the
group 12cm, 10cm,
Karsten Zander
Dekeyseria picta (L 168) 30 12 3-5 cm, aka
Karsten Zander
Ancistomus sp. (L 387) 8 15 ca. 4-5cm size, Oliver
Frank has imported the
parents as "Yellow
Orange spotted Rio
Michael Brandenberg
Mikrogeophagus altispinosus "Rio Guapore" WFNZ 50 8 Wild caught offsprings
from Rio Guapore. Many
of them has the
typical notch at the
Michael Brandenberg
Ancistrus sp. Red 10 3 Timo Schellenberg
Corydoras eversi 10 15 Timo Schellenberg
Hypancistrus sp. (L 66) 10 15 Old breeding line from
before the first
export ban
Timo Schellenberg
Hypancistrus sp. (L 136) 20 20 Timo Schellenberg
Panaqolus tankei (L 398) 10 10 offspring, 3-5cm Michael Seidlitz
Krobia xinguensis 12 8 offspring, 7-8cm Michael Seidlitz
Corydoras albolineatus 20 5 Michael Seidlitz
Scobinancistrus sp. (L 48) 2 75 approx. 14cm, probably
1 male and 1 female
Andreas Beer
Panaque armbrusteri "Xingu" (L 27) 1 70 approx. 15cm Andreas Beer
Ancistrus sp. (L 513) 12 15 I have 12 x F1
Peruvian Ancistrus sp.
L513, Gold Stars of
75mm S.L. at 15 Euros
each. Please message
me for a photo,
Regards Danny
Danny Blundell
Hyphessobrycon bentosi 40 40 almost adult, number
is guessed - could be
more than 40 pcs. -all
for 40€
Karl Schwamm
Hyphessobrycon wadai 100 4 size 4-5cm, for larger
quantities discount on
Wolfgang Heinrichs
Hypancistrus sp. (L 333) 10 12 gold-black animals,
strain unchanged since
2004, look like 2004,
very beautiful
animals, offspring
from first import by
Jens Gottwald
Wolfgang Heinrichs
Hypancistrus sp. (L410) 30 8 Norman Behr
Corydoras sp. (CW62) 30 10 Good looking Corydoras
CW62 Wildcaught. I can
bring them with me to
the L-Number Days on
Bartjo van Gils
Corydoras sp. (CW40) 7 200 Wildcaught Corydoras
CW40. Not often
offered. PRICE IS FOR
Bartjo van Gils
Hypostomus luteomaculatus 1 149 Size about 25cm. 1 pcs
only. Fish from
Uruguway collecting
Artur Silicki
Peckoltia sp. "Corantijn river, Suriname" (L 502) 10 80 Wild fish from
Suriname. Size 9-10cm.
Artur Silicki
Hypancistrus sp. (L 174) 20 70 Semi-adult to adult
fishes. 5-7 cm. If
you have some l-236,
l-173, l-46, l-82,
l-102 or maybe
something else then is
is possible for me to
exhange fish for fish.
Lau Christophersen
Hypostomus luteomaculatus Rio Uruguay 1 150 Wild fish from
Uruguay. Size ca.
25cm. Fish from
Uruguay from
collecting trip with
Felipe Cantera.
Artur Silicki
Corydoras saramaccensis "Suriname river, Suriname" 8 90 Wild fish from
Suriname. Size is
Artur Silicki
Corydoras filamentosus "Corantijn river, Suriname" 5 75 Wild fish from
Suriname. Size
6-7,5cm. Exchange of
the whole group only.
Artur Silicki
Corydoras boesemani "Suriname river, Suriname" 7 70 Wild fish from
Suriname. Size 4-6cm.
Artur Silicki
Metaloricaria nijsseni "Saramacca river, Suriname" 4 40 Wild fish from
Suriname. Size 10-11cm
Artur Silicki
Pseudacanthicus serratus "Maroni river, Suriname" 2 490 Wild fish from
Suriname, Size
26-28cm, 1 male and 1
female. I'm ready to
send the pictures.
Price per fish.
Artur Silicki
Pseudancistrus barbatus "Maroni river, Suriname" 4 75 Wild fish from
Suriname. Size 12-13cm
Artur Silicki