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Catfish Exchange

Here you will find the catfish offers and requests of the participants of the 6th International L-Number Days. To contact them simply click on the name in the contact column. You will then be redirected to a page with a contact form. There are already some data pre-entered. You can also add further information and comments. If you are logged in, then your sender data are already registered, you cannot change these also. If the name is not clickable, then the participant has not agreed to the transmission of his data. In this case you can contact the organisation team and ask them to contact you.

Species Amount Price Remark Contact
Leporacanthicus heterodon (L 172b) 2   Search 2 females, have
7 adult males
Karlo Dickel-Zernik
Ancistomus cf. sabaji (L 075) 1   Hello, search in
females for my
existing group. I
would be happy about
positive news.
Greeting marian
Marian Thiel
Panaqolus sp. (L 397) 5   Males and Females Massimo ViganĂ²
Ancistrus sp. (L 338) 2   Looking for 1 or 2
females. Juveniles
also accepted.
Jacqueline Heijmen
Pseudacanthicus pirarara (L 25) 2   Looking for very young
L25, preferably Sao
Konstantinos Giannopoulos
L-Welse, Corydoras sp. 6   Servus together,
looking for plecos and
Corydoras from
Suriname and French
Guyana. Please offer
everything. Thank you
Simon Huber
Species Amount Price Remark Contact
Hypancistrus sp. (L 471) 15 15 3,5cm F1 Sebastian Fernau
Ancistrus claro 10 10 Jacqueline Heijmen
Ancistrus sp. "Wabenmuster" 20 10 Jacqueline Heijmen
Ancistrus sp. (L 486) 4 50 Adults, 2 males and 2
Jacqueline Heijmen
Parancistrus aurantiacus 10 35 F1 Chubby Pleco Jacqueline Heijmen
Parancistrus aurantiacus 10 35 F1 juveniles about
4cm, Chubby pleco
Jacqueline Heijmen
Ancistrus sp. (L 107) 7 15 4 cm no sex
Massimo ViganĂ²
Ancistrus aguaboensis (L 32) 10 12 5-7cm Karl Schwamm
Leporacanthicus joselimai (L 264) 15 15 3,5cm Karl Schwamm
Hyphessobrycon wadai 80 4 Karl Schwamm
Pseudacanthicus sp. "Rio Xingu" (L185) 2 250 male (26 cm / 10.5 in)
& female (24 cm / 9.5
Fabian Deuschle
Leporacanthicus sp. (L 473) 30 45 5-6 cm, F1, our
spawn. Please get in
touch prior to the
convention as only
fish booked before
hand will be brought
to the convention
Konstantinos Giannopoulos
Hypancistrus sp. (L 501) 2 30 2 females 13 - 14 cm Fabian Deuschle
Hypancistrus sp. (L 270 Albino) 25 55 purebred L 270
albino 3,5cm - aprox.
Sebastian Fernau
Hypancistrus sp. (L 173) 30 75 L 173 Will line 3,5cm Sebastian Fernau
Hypancistrus sp. (L 236) 12 250 Superwhite, RB line,
Parents are from
Ernst S., 3,5cm
Sebastian Fernau