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Here you can register for the L-Number-Days website. This is primarily reserved for participants of the L-Number-Days, but it is also possible to register as an interested party. Registration is obligatory for the use of the exchanges.

This registration form consists of several sections. The data in the upper section (“Public data”) will then also appear in the list of participants. If you do not want to have your name publicly on this list, please select the option “anonymous” under “name (visible)”. The same applies to your place of residence. By default it is displayed with zipcode (abbreviated by the last two digits) and the city. If you do not want this, please select the option “anonymous” under “City of residence (visible)”. Then only the zipcode (shortened by the last two digits) will be displayed, but not the place of residence.

Following is a section whose data will never be published by us. The personal contact details help us if changes occur at short notice and we need to reach you urgently. It is helpful if there is a mobile phone number available. We need the date of birth first of all to recognize the young people, because we have reduced participation fees for them. All “non-youths” are also welcome to indicate a fantasy date.
In the section “Approve contact” you can determine whether your name (on the participant list or in the exchanges) will be provided with a link to a contact form and then sent to you by the participants via this website emails should be sent. This option is recommended if you want to place ads in the exchanges.

The newsletter should be sent at irregular intervals (depending on the amount of news).

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