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Andreas Tanke first saw the light of day in Langenhagen close by Hanover, where he was born in 1971.

Already as a child, he came into contact with the aquarium hobby through his parents. At about 10 years old he got his first own aquarium and began to gather experiences with this interesting hobby. In the 1990s, his studies of Mathematics/Informatics and the foundation of his own IT company required focus on other things. He did, however, re-enter the aquarium hobby in 2002.

The typical tank replication virus did not pass him unharmed. Thus, a single tank in the living room soon turned into a whole fish room. After some beginnings in the Usenet-Newsgroup de.rec.tiere.aquaristik (d.r.t.a) he continued to build a social network of fellow hobbyists and friends. As such, he is now for several years a member of the Deutschen Cichliden Gesellschaft (DCG) (German Cichlid Society) and the Internationalen Gemeinschaft Barben Schmerlen Salmler Welse (IG BSSW), or the successor organization, the workgroup BSSW within the VDA.

His interests are clearly focus on the underwater fauna of the South American continent, especially the dwarf cichlids of the genus Apistogramma as well as loricariid catfishes. By now, he had could keep more than 25 different species of Apistogramma and also succeeded in breeding a lot of them. His main focus however are the plecos, more precisely those of the genus Panaqolus. He currently keeps more than 20 species of them, and also succeeded in breeding and passing the offpring on to other hobbyists with some of them.

Besides his own website (Amazonoco.de, coming soon) he also maintains a monographic page about the genus Panaqolus (panaqolus.at) and the first german speaking forum focusing on dwarf cichlids (zbbf.de).

In 2008 he had the first opportunity to observe his fosterlings live in Nature, and went on a trip with some friends to Suriname and the Brazilian state of Roraima. Additional trips are planned for the next years, including Suriname, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru. Encouraged by the positive impressions of the 1. International L-number days, which he invented and organized together with his friend Ingo SEIDEL, he also became interested in other international meetings of aquarium hobbyists, such as for example the CSG-Convention. He reports in aquarium magazines, talks and of course his websites about his trips and experiences.