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Since his childhood, Hans Evers has been an enthusiastic aquarist and known by many other aquarists through his publications and lectures. Actually more at home in the regions of South America, in recent years he has also increasingly travelled the various countries of Southeast Asia and Oceania to bring along some interesting new species from there. The former editor-in-chief of the magazine AMAZONAS, however, has always remained faithful to the catfish and since his “early retirement” from the editor’s office, he has been breeding more and more loricariid catfish in his 50 aquariums. In addition to the armored catfish, to which he continues to devote most of his attention, it is also the tetras, but also the loricariid catfish, that his aquarist heart beats for. A few trips to Brazil in 2018 were again able to produce many new aquaristic species, some of which he will show in his lecture at the International L-Number-Days 2019.

H.-G. Evers is still very active as a journalist. Together with his good friend Ingo Seidel, he has written the catfish atlases, which are recognised worldwide as standard works. In addition, there are a good dozen other books and hundreds of specialist articles. He gives his lectures in a well-known lively way, taking the listener on an aquaristic journey.