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Ingo Seidel was born in 1967 in Delmenhorst in the Northern German federal state Niedersachsen. Since his earliest youth he was interested in everything that was scuttling, flying and swimming outside. At the age of ten years he received his first fish tank from his father, who had been an aquarist for years before.

At first his professional development took a totally different course. After leaving school he started professional training as a mathematical technical assistant at a big electronics company in Bremen and worked as software programmer in this company for years. In 2001 he made a profession out of his hobby and moved to the Berlin area for a new job. Since this time he works in Seefeld near Berlin as a scientific assistant at one of the biggest wholesalers of ornamental fishes in Germany.

Above all the fish fauna of the South American continent is one of Ingo´s major interests. Starting with keeping cichlids, killies and livebearers he soon found out that catfishes are his real passion. From 1992 to 2006 Ingo Seidel has been the leader of the catfish section of the German study group AK-BSSW (association for barbs, tetras, loaches and catfishes). Over the years he has been able to keep and breed more than 40 species of Corydoras, innumerable loricariid and some other catfish species. On several trips to South America he had the chance to observe many of these fishes in their natural habitats. He always tried to document his observations by photography, so that his photo archive meanwhile consists of many thousand slides. For more than 20 years he has written articles about the ecology, care and breeding of catfishes. In 2002 his first book was published. He wrote the Mergus Catfish Atlas Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in co-operation with his friend Hans-Georg EVERS. The first volume has also been published in English. These two volumes of the “Catfish Atlas” (in Germany, “Wels Atlas”) are the biggest monography about loricariid catfishes ever published. Meanwhile, a new beginners’ book about L plecos has been published in the Back To Nature Series in English and is available in seven different languages. Also the “Hypancistrus-Fibel” and his newest book “Ingos Harnischwelszucht” were written by him.