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As supporters of the first hour we are of course also represented again on the 6th International L-Wels Days with our own stand.

New products

In addition to our well-known airlifters, we have also created a new variant. Similar to the design of the airlifter in 32mm, we have now created a new variant in 25mm. Also with this variant the pressure capsule is divided in two.

New products

In the meantime we have also further developed our well-known rearing rings. In this new variant we now offer them in a square form.

This new version is available in both 100mm and 150mm versions.

Of course we will also bring these new products in sufficient quantities to the 6th International L-Number Days.


For some years now we have been dealing with the topic of airlifters and air filtering. Unfortunately there were only these annoying “Blubber – air lifters” on the market, which was always a topic also in our aquarium association.
So we have fiddled and tinkered ourselves, also from other aquarists we have tried different models.
Who doesn’t know the annoying cleaning of glued air lifters? Other models also left something to be desired, be it that the O-rings had hardened over time or that the bubbling stones had clogged up. The performance of the airlifters was also unsatisfactory.
We set ourselves the task of developing an airlifter that would be easy to use, powerful, quiet and affordable.
Our newly developed air jacks differ from all the tested models in that they use a special injection-moulded part instead of the previous solutions with sleeves and O-rings, and in that the holes for the air to flow out are punched by machine so that the distances are very small and absolutely uniform. The punching of the holes also has the advantage that there is less burr and thus fewer points of attack for lime and mulm.
The airlifters are available in two different shapes and four different sizes.


Since the well-known sponge filters with their loud bubbling and problematic suction cups are not really ideally constructed, we have also designed such quick filters on the basis of our air lifters.
We now have these filters in various diameters, shapes and colours. For mounting we use our universal holders.

Breeding rings

Breeding rings are becoming more and more popular with many breeders.

The advantages are that the young fish or larvae remain in the parent aquarium and thus in the breeding water, but the parents cannot adjust the offspring. In this way it is also possible to feed the young fish in a targeted manner.

The breeding ring consists of a Plexiglas tube, a floating ring and at the bottom a screen printing fabric, which is exchangeable. As with our air lifters, nothing is glued to the breeding rings. Even the screen printing mesh is fixed with a plastic ring. For the standard version of the breeding rings we use a screen printing mesh with 153 µ, so that even freshly hatched artemias are not washed out. It is always possible to replace the screen printing mesh and replace it with a new one. The screen printing mesh can also be ordered in 297 µ.
The breeding rings are available in three different shapes and two different sizes.